PBS offering scheduled instruction / New high school assessment information / FAQs

What online resources are available for my students during this time? (Updated 4/6)


The Tennessee Department of Education has partnered with PBS to offer a full schedule of lessons on Tennessee standards, across grade levels, in several subjects. Click here for more information.


Your student's teachers are working to make several online resources available, with options differing depending on teacher, school, subject, and grade level. Teachers are working to make contact with you and your student during this time to support you learning at home efforts.


How long will the schools be closed?


We adjust the length of time for being closed based on orders from the Governor of Tennessee and the federal government. Governor Lee has asked all schools to close until at least April 24. Alcoa City Schools is following that request. Depending on the ongoing impact of COVID-19, that date may be extended.


What is the best way for me to get information about the schools?


Information on our webpages, through mainstream news media, from our school principals, and from our automated phone calls, emails, and texts will have the most recent, validated information. Many social media sites may also have information about our schools’ activities. Any information found on these sites should be confirmed before acting on it or accepting it as fact. Contact your child’s school if you are unsure.


Phone calls, emails, and social media posts coming directly from our Principals may have the latest information, customized for your child's school.


Can our students still get school meals while schools are closed?


Yes. Our school nutrition department is distributing meals on Mondays and Wednesdays. Meals can be picked up at Alcoa High School.


Mondays: Students will pick up breakfast and lunch meals for Monday and Tuesday. Wednesdays: Students will pick up breakfast and lunch meals for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.


These meals are available for any child age 18 or younger, whether they attend Alcoa’s schools or not.


These schedules may change! Please also see the News & Announcements section on the front page of our website, www.alcoaschools.net, for the latest information.


Any family in Tennessee may use this website to locate free school meals, regardless of the schools children attend.


Are school meals being delivered on Alcoa school buses?


No. Alcoa City Schools meals have not been served from school buses. Local churches and volunteers have been using buses owned by Clabough Bus Services to distribute food from Second Harvest and other contributions. Some of these buses are used for Alcoa’s students on normal school days, and are labeled Alcoa City Schools.


Are school offices still open?


No. Starting Tuesday, March 31, school offices and the district office are closed through at least April 14. The office closings may be extended, depending on how the situation develops. See our district and school websites for more information.


Can we use school facilities during this time?


No. All facilities are closed to any activity other than essential work by a limited number of employees. All ball fields and gyms are closed. All facilities are closed to use by any outside organization (e.g., churches, community groups, community events).


Are my students required to do school work that is sent out by teachers?


Teachers will be making resources and activities available to students through Google Classroom and other forms of contact and communication. This will officially begin on Monday, March 30. In many cases, these will include opportunities to engage in learning activities designed by the teachers specifically for this period of time. Home learning activities will differ by grade level and teacher. Some students may have specifically scheduled activities while others have more loosely structured resources with which to engage.


We strongly encourage families to engage in these activities. Doing so will help students maintain learning, be better prepared when we return, and explore learning in new ways. Work will not be graded, however, and is not required (except in a few cases for high school students).


Will we still have tests like TCAPs or End of Course tests?


Alcoa City Schools will not administer any state testing this spring. This includes TCAP in grades 3-8, End-of-Course testing for Algebra I and High School courses, and the PK/K Portfolio.


What about Advanced Placement (AP) tests (Updated 4/6)


Please see this April 6 document from the Tennessee Department of Education. Look for the Advanced Placement test section.


What about ACT?


The ACT is a national exam, and we are still seeking information on administration. High school students and families should look for communication from Alcoa High School, and on their website or through Google Classroom, for new information.


What about Industry Certification tests (Updated 4/6)


Tests related to Industry Certifications, such as OSHA 10, may continue and would be required for students to complete the certification requirements. Teachers would contact any affected students with more information. In addition, please see this April 6 document from the Tennessee Department of Education. Contact your teacher for more information.


If I am a dual enrollment student with Pellissippi or TCAT, do I need to continue meeting their requirements? (Updated 4/6)


Pellissippi or TCAT has issued instructions for continuing virtual learning. Contact your professor if you have not heard from them. In addition, please see this April 6 document from the Tennessee Department of Education. Contact your teacher for more information.


Will high school students get the credits they need for graduation if they are not in school? (Updated 4/6)


The Tennessee State Board of Education sets the state criteria for credits and graduation. We must wait for decisions to be made by the State Board of Education and the Department of Education before we can issue any definite guidance about credits and graduation. Please look for communication from Alcoa High School, which will be updated as soon as we have new information. We expect new information to be available after April 9.


How will my student with disabilities receive their services during the school closure due to COVID-19?


Parents of a student served under IDEA will be contacted by their case manager.  The case manager will discuss supports and resources that can be accessible in the home setting to maintain and continue progress towards IEP goals.


Will we have a commencement ceremony in May, or Prom?


Both Prom and Commencement have scheduled dates, but are currently suspended.



At this point, we are hopeful and tentatively planning to have prom on May 2. If we are able to do this, it would likely be held at AHS. But this is not at all certain. We will continually comply with state and local safety orders, which may delay prom.



It is currently scheduled for May 8. We are hopeful that we may be able to open and reconvene for a commencement ceremony on that date. However, as we comply with state and local safety orders, commencement may be delayed.


Can I pick up my child’s medications that are at the school?


School nurses are reaching out to families who have student medications stored at school. Arrangements are being made to pick up these medications on a case-by-case basis. Contact your school’s nurse directly through these links: AES, AIS, AMS, AHS. If you cannot contact the nurse, contact the school directly.


Can we still enroll in school if we just moved to Alcoa?


Not at this time. School offices are closed through at least April 14. Please check school and district websites before attempting to visit the school or the district office.


Are you accepting tuition applications during the time that schools are closed?


You can begin the process now. The 2020-21 application is available now here or on the district webpage (click on “Families” in the upper right). Check this FAQ document for further instructions about submitting a non-resident, tuition application.


Are you accepting applications for employment for open positions? (Updated 4/6)


Yes. We have job openings now for which we are seeking applicants. Although we are accepting applications, due to being closed, some positions would not be filled immediately. See the "Employment" tab on our webpage, or click here for current openings.