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Online Challenges - What Parents Can Do

A story is making the rounds again this year, quickly spreading through social media and news outlets, called the "Momo Challenge." Being curious, our students, like students everywhere, may be seeking more information about it.   We monitor such activity and have systems in place to make our students' online experience safe as possible.

This article from Common Sense Media,13 Online Challenges Your Kid Already Knows About, discusses many of the current challenges, and gives the following advice to parents about these challenges:

Talk about it and get them to think it through.   You can help them understand there are many of these hoaxes on the internet, and teach them to be cautious about what to believe or not.

Acknowledge peer pressure.  Tell them that even adults are afraid of missing the latest fad or trend, but often these challenges are designed to make people "look it up" to boost its popularity because people get paid for each click.

Stay (somewhat) up to date and model responsible online habits.  This is just the latest internet challenge and it won’t be the last. Common Sense Media has excellent resources about internet safety and how to model good online habits for your children.  Other resources dealing with children and internet safety are listed below.

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