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Welcome to the the Alcoa City Schools Early Learning Department

The Alcoa City Pre-K program provides a loving, learning environment with an emphasis on language development.  The pre-k staff strives to build strong home-school connection with our families from the moment we meet your child.  Parents are encouraged to take an active role in their child's education with ample opportunities to volunteer and parent-child activities. Please visit the "Links" page for more helpful websites that promote family literacy activities and other helpful tools for taking an active role both at home and in the school setting.

      Alcoa Pre-K serves around forty students in three classrooms.  The pre-k teachers are Ms. Kristin, Mr. Andrew and Ms. Lisa. Children may be eligible for participation in either of the two state pre-k classes.  Students eligible for special education services may be served by enrollment in our Special Education Pre-K class.   

     More information about enrollment options and curriculum in these programs may be obtained by using the "Document" link on this page, contacting Alcoa Elementary School, or contacting Kristin Whelahan at 865-982-3120.

Child Find Statement

This statement is part of an effort to locate and serve children that may need special education and related services and/or special accommodations. If you know of a child who may qualify and is not receiving available services, please contact Deborah Smith at (865) 984-4631 or via email at: dsmith@alcoaschools.net


Parents that have children ages 3-5 who have concerns that their child may be in need of special education should contactDeborah Smith at (865) 984-4631 or via email at: dsmith@alcoaschools.net


Parents who have educational concerns about school age children who attend an Alcoa public school, are being homeschooled, or attend a private school within the Alcoa City jurisdiction can access special education services by contacting the Department of Special Education for more information.



Pre-K Contact:

Kristen Whelahan
1200 Springbrook Rd
Alcoa, TN  37701

Email: KWhelahan@alcoaschools.net