Student Food Allergies

We need your help!

  • Does your child have a diagnosed food intolerance?
  • Does your child have a diagnosed food allergy?
  • Can you provide documentation from your child's doctor?
If an allergy is marked for a certain food, it must be accompanied by a signature from a medical doctor stating that an allergy exists. Please be aware that to remove an allergy, documentation also needs to occur from a doctor stating that the allergy no longer exists. An allergy for ACS nutrition/health services must have medical documentation.
  • Does your child simply not like a food item?
These two questions are imperative for nurses, teachers, administration, and cafeterias. If your child is allergic to a food or food ingredient, cafe employees need to know so accommodations can be made for them. If they simply don't like a food item, cafes offer two breakfast (plus cereal daily) and two lunch entree options daily.
Students are welcome to speak with Cafe Managers to learn of more options that may be available.