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Student Support Services Department

Student's individual needs are very important to the staff of Alcoa City Schools.  Listed below are areas of individual needs.  For additional information about Student Services contact Keri Prigmore, 865-984-0531.

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The Alcoa City Schools supports parents who have investigated home school options and decided to pursue the challenges and potential rewards of teaching their children at home. 

Parents may home school their own children pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated § 49-6-3050 by registering with their local education agency (LEA). Parents choosing this educational option must meet specified educational requirements, test the child and report attendance to the local education agency at the end of the year. (See Documents Option for pdf or Word forms needed to comply)

By authority of the same statute, parents may also home school their own children by affiliating with and registering with a church related school defined by Tennessee Code Annotated § 49-50-801.  If a parent is exercising this educational option by home schooling a child who is in grade 9-12 they must also register with the LEA they would otherwise be attending.  For parents exercising this option, with the exception of grades 9-12, the testing requirements are determined by the church related school.  Church-related schools must determine what recording-keeping requirements are in place for these parents.  However, church-related schools must keep daily attendance reports which pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated § 49-6-3007(d) shall be open to inspection at all reasonable times, to the director of schools of the system in which the school is located or to the director of school’s authorized representative.

Parents in Tennessee may enroll their children in a church-related school, pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated § 49-50-801.  Tennessee Code Annotated § 49-50-801 and State Board of Education Rule 0520-7-2-.05 govern the establishment and maintenance of church-related schools.  Pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated § 49-50-801, these schools must be operated by a denominational, parochial or other bona fide church organization and the organization must be accredited by one of the agencies listed in Tennessee Code Annotated § 49-50-801(a).  Alternatively, an organization not accredited by one of those agencies may seek approval directly from the State Board of Education as a Category IV school.  (See Document Option to view Tennessee Code Annotated)

Students are placed on homebound service according to their Physician's report.  (See the Document Option for the required Homebound forms to be completed by a Physician).  The form can be faxed to 865-380-2251, Attention: Keri Prigmore or mailed to ACS, Keri Prigmore, 524 Faraday Street, Alcoa, TN  37701.  Upon receiving completed Physician Form, a Homebound service provider will be assigned.  The provider will contact the student's guardian to start the homebound services.