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Teaching and Learning in the Alcoa City Schools

Knowing that relationships are at the heart of teaching, our schools are committed to giving our students ample learning opportunities through engaging, relevant, and rigorous instructional experiences. Our goal is to help students develop a competitive edge as they mature toward the complex, changing world of college and post-secondary training, work and careers, and life.  It is our goal to provide the region's most exceptional experience to students and families seeking a high quality public education.

Our teachers and school leaders are among the best in the business, and they engage their students daily in striving for achievement goals. Over many years, state assessment data show Alcoa's students growing consistently as they head towards graduation, where they achieve in academics and completion of early post secondary opportunities at state leading rates. Alcoa High School has consistently ranked as one of the state's best, and is one of Tennessee's "Reward Schools" for 2018.