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The Tennessee Department of Education, in collaboration with the Tennessee STEM Innovation Network (TSIN), has launched the “Reach Them All” initiative to highlight the importance of computer science instruction for all students and provide Tennessee educators and district-level leadership professional development that integrates computer science practices into and across academic subjects and content.
Chapter 979 of the Public Acts of 2022 ensures all Tennessee school districts will implement new computer science requirements to ensure all students are fully prepared for the jobs of today and tomorrow.
As a result of the new legislation, all elementary schools must provide each student with grade-appropriate computer science education, all middle schools must provide students access to computer science instruction for a minimum of at least one grading period of one school year, and all high schools must provide all students who pursue a traditional diploma with at least one course credit of computer science education. Subject to state board of education approval, computer science credits will count as either a 3rd-year science or 4th-year math.

2023-2024 Goals for Computer Science Integration

  1. Teachers develop a foundational understanding of computational thinking and computer science concepts.

  2. Teachers discover connections between what they teach, and computational thinking and computer science concepts. Teachers use these connections to integrate computational thinking and computer science concepts into their curriculum.

  3. Teachers cultivate a mindset that expects all students to participate in computational thinking and computer science.

Classroom Posters


District Ambassadors

  • Patrick Whitecotton
    Alcoa Elementary School

  • Michael Erhart
    Alcoa Intermediate School
  • Lisa Bremer
    Alcoa Middle School

  • Mark Anderson
    Alcoa High School

District Delegate

  • Tom Larson
    Educator Support Center