COVID-19 Re-entry Information » Transportation


  • Bus service will be provided, but distancing with seating cannot be guaranteed. Parents and guardians are encouraged to transport students to school or find alternatives to riding the bus (e.g., walking, bicycling).
  • Siblings on the same bus should sit together.
  • Before boarding the bus, students will have temperatures checked (fever of 100.4℉ or higher is the threshold).
  • Due to this requirement, a parent/guardian/responsible adult must stay at the bus stop until the child is cleared to ride the bus.
  • Middle and high school students do not need a parent/guardian/responsible adult at the bus stop IF the parents are allowing those children to return home from the bus stop by themselves in the event of a temperature above the allowed threshold (at or above 100.4℉).
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of their children.
  • Children left alone at the bus stop without the mandatory parent/guardian/responsible adult may lose bus privileges.

Bus Routes

  • All routes are listed on the website and include the general area that each bus services.
  • There will be two routes in the morning and two in the afternoon. First route will service elementary and intermediate students ONLY with the second route servicing middle and high school students.
  • All bus routes will begin at 6:30. With road closures in the area and Covid-19 procedures being implemented, we ask that everyone be ready and wait patiently as we will do our best to keep times as accurate as possible.
BUS #2
West Lincoln, Calderwood, Telford Street, Lindsay
Rankin Road, Sanderson Street, Gill Street, Hannum Street, Bessie, Harvey, Andy Carr, Burns Avenue, Badgett Street, Steele Street, Harrison Street, Garfield Street, Harding Street, Hayes Street, Grant Street, Hemlock, Juniper, Rose Avenue, Redwood, Laurel Street, Eem Street, Ash Street, (Rock Garden Area) East Lincoln

BUS #3
Alcoa Highway (Stop at Laundromat at Green Acres) Green Acres Area, Airway Ridge Apartments, Country Way Apartments, Wheeler Road, Island Home, Singleton Station Road, Cusick Road, North Wright Road, Alcoa Inn
BUS #4
East Hunt Road, Northfield Subdivision, St. Ives Subdivision, St. Thomas, Victoria Gardens, Cunnigham West, Cunningham, Dogwood, Curie Street, Ambrose, Benford, Holiday, Louisville Road ​(All roads and apartments off of Louisville Road excluding Andover and Crosswinds Subdivision), Beverly Drive, Vera Drive, Marti, Mildred Drive, North and South Linden

BUS #5
Sam Houston Schoolhouse Road, McArthur Road, Meadowood Apartments, Wright Road, Maple Street, Poplar Street, Oersted Road, Birch Street, Oakland, North Wright Road, Cedar Street, Ford Street, Cherry Street, Burroughs Kettering, Long Road, Dalton Street, Brewster Road, Alcoa Road, Ramsey Street, Hoopes Street, Maury Street, Lodge Street, Faraday Street, Darwin Street, Remsen Street, Gilbert Street, Boyle Street
BUS #6
Alcoa Highway, TN Title Loan, Royal Inn, Mimosa Heights, Topside Road, Dresden Way Apartments, Avalon Apartments, Old Topside Road, Little River Community, Wrights Road, Airbase Road, Rocky Waters Subdivision

BUS #7
Grayson Apartments, Wrights Road, Dutch Mill Road, Cloud Properties Apartments, Upton Street, Center Street
BUS #8
East Edison, Ohm Street, East Bell Street, Kelvin Road, Howe Street, Fulton Street, West Fulton Street, Davies Street, Watt Street, Newcomen Street, Stephenson Street, Bessemer Road
Bus #12
Middlesettlements Road, Laurel Branch Apartments, Hamilton Ridge Apartments, Water Lily Lane, Jasmine Lane, West Hunt Road, Crosswinds Subdivision, Andover Subdivision, Hunters Meadows Leconte Subdivision